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Save the UOC Editor

The new white paper published by Amsterdam & Partners LLP regarding Ukraine’s illegal persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) has been featured in a report published in the Sunday Telegraph in London.

According to the article, entitled, “Zelensky warned over banning ‘historic institution’,” pressure is mounting on Western leaders to intervene to stop the Ukraine government from banning the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) because of its previous ties to the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). As detailed in the paper, the UOC completely separated itself from Moscow back in April 2022, however in recent months members of the Zelenskyy administration have broadened their attack against the churches, seizing properties, beating and interrogating priests, and harassing worshippers as part of a politically motivated campaign.

The Telegraph reports:

The letter from international lawyer Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Partners LLP to the leaders of the US, UK and the European Union describes the proposed ban of the UOC as “an overly punitive attack that will cause serious harm to Orthodox Ukrainians”.

It adds: “As a candidate to join the EU, with all the obligations this entails, there is now a very serious question mark over whether Ukraine can meet its commitments to human rights and the rule of law.

“This will have dire ramifications for Ukraine’s entry into the European Union and its place in the Western world.”

Mr Amsterdam is banned from Russia after representing various opponents and fierce critics of Putin.

He claims the UOC declared has played a vital role in supporting the country’s efforts in the war, including “using its considerable presence in Europe to support Ukrainian refugees”.

Read the full article here.

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